Projects that received PA3 Letters of Recommendation


1.  DanubeHIKE – hiking routes along the Danube

Lead partner: Naturefriends International (Austria)

Partners: WGD Tourismus GmbH (Austria), ARGE Deutsche Donau (Germany), Regional Development Agency Komárno (Slovakia), Bulgarian Ministry for Economy, Energy and Tourism (Bulgaria), Danube Competence Center (Serbia)

Supported by: European Commission -DG Enterprise and Industry, the Austrian Ministry of Economy,

Family and Youth, the Slovak Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development

The objectives of the project:

  • Creation of common marketing activities along the entire Danube
  • Networking of tourism stakeholders along the Danube towards cross-border collaboration
  • Supporting tourism stakeholders in developing successful hiking products in the Danube region
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange of know-how towards a common goal
  • Contributing to support Danube bordering countries according the aims of the EU strategy for the Danube region


2.  Vukovar Film Festival – Danube Region Film Festival

Project partners: HAVC (Croatian audio-visual centre), Croatian Ministry of Tourism, City of Zagreb (Croatia), City of Vukovar (Croatia), Vukovar – Srijem County (Croatia), HT Hrvatske Telekomunikacije (Croatian Telecommunications), American Express (Croatia), Iliočki Podrumi (Croatia), TZ Ilok (Croatia), Borovo (Croatia).

Overall objective is to develop a suitable film culture in the region, especially amongst young people and to increase economic, cultural and educational contribution that Vukovar Film Festival brings to the region and tourism in Vukovar through its activities. VFF also offers an opportunity for community involvement and cohesion.  As one of the region’s most important cultural events, we consistently strive to set the standard for excellence in film programming.  Films are selected on the basis of quality and originality and the preference is given to premieres.


3.  DANUrB (Danube Urban Brand) regional network building through tourism and education to strengthen the “Danube” cultural identity and solidarity

Lead partners: BME Faculty of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning and Design (Hungary), BME Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Department of Sociology and Communication (Hungary)

Project partners: Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava – Faculty of Architecture, Association of Tourism Consultants (Hungary), Municipality of Budapest – Department of Urban Development, BFTK Nonprofit Ltd (Budapest Festival Center, official tourism branding company of the municipality of Budapest), Belgrad University – Faculty of Architecture (Serbia), Academy of Fine Arts Vienna – Institute of Art and Architecture (Austria), Széchenyi István University in Győr – Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Department of Urban Planning and Architectural History, Department of Architectural Design (Hungary)

Project description:

The project aims to connect the urbanized areas along the Danube into comprehensive tourism destinations, fostering cultural ties and institutional/municipal collaboration. The project creates a new cultural network along the Danube, presenting a strategy to increase the tourism potentials of the cities involved. The project aims to define regions which can act together as a tourist destination and as a cultural cluster, analysing cities from Regensburg to Galati.


4.  Donau Lounge – literature and culture from the Danube region at international book fairs

Lead partners: Danube Cultural Cluster/Collegium Hungaricum Vienna, Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs, Romanian Cultural Institute, National Cultural Fund of Hungary (NKA), European Danube Academy Ulm

Project partners: Federation of Austrian Booksellers (Main organizer of BUCH WIEN), Representation of the European Commission in Austria, EUNIC Austria, Bookfest – Bucharest International Book Fest, International Publisher’s Forum Lviv (Main organizer of the Book Forum Lviv), OleksandraKoval

Project description:

The Danube Cultural Cluster association, founded on the initiative of the Balassi Institute – Collegium Hungaricum Vienna, has expanded its most successful international literary project: the Donau Lounge. The Donau Lounge represents itself with its own stand/stage and programs at international book fairs in the area.

This unique literary program first came out at the 2012 BUCH WIEN – Vienna International Book Fair. Since then, within the framework of a wide international cooperation, the Donau Lounge has become a genuine regional program along the Danube. One of its principal aims is to establish a sincere and likeable cultural and literary platform for the nations along the Danube, in which the force of the cultural cohesion is represented by the river Danube itself.

Besides showcasing a selection of recent publications, organizers of the Donau Lounge feature the discussion of themes and topics that are of great importance to the area: Such as the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War or the 25th anniversary of the collapse of communist regimes in Central and Eastern Europe.


START – Danube Region Project Fund

Selected projects under 2nd START Call – EUSDR Priority Area 3

1. Cross-border ecotourism in the Danube Region (DanubeEcotourism)
Lead Partner:  Association for he development of Social&Wellness Tourism (Romania)

2. Make Your Day! – Contemporary Fine Artist exchange and networking (MYD)
Lead Partner:  Culture and Green Zona Association of Szigetvár


Selected projects under 1st START Call – EUSDR Priority Area 3

1. Middle and Lower Danube Cycling Routes (DANUBE CYCLING)

Project duration: 01.04.2015 – 32.03.2016
Lead Partner: Danube Competence Center (Serbia)
Project Partners: Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (Bulgaria), Cycling Romania (Romania),Cyclists’ Union (Croatia), Velo‐Ruse (Bulgaria), Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation (Bulgaria)
Total project budget: 43.160,00
START contribution amount: 38.500,00 (89,20%)

Project Description:
The main objective of this project is to introduce and support joint and standardised infrastructural development and new operational activities in Middle and Lower Danube region aimed at promoting cycling tourism as a form of sustainable tourist development. The project creates and supports national and regional networks of stakeholders along the route, establishing recommendations to improve national policy frameworks that issue the legal and regulatory instruments for safe and efficient bicycle use, and designs action plans aimed at developing and promoting cycling products along the route.

Expected results of the START project activities:
The project Danube Cycling promotes cycling tourism, paves the way for follow‐up projects through the introduction of guidelines and involvement of suitable stakeholders and provides an opportunity for all partners to exchange know‐how.


2.  Authentic Danube ‐ delivering tourism excellence for visitors and industry (AUTHENTIC DANUBE)

Project duration: 01.04.2015 – 31.12.2015
Lead Partner: Authentic Bulgaria Association (Bulgaria)
Project Partners: Municipality of Knjazevac (Serbia), Municipality of Belogradchik (Bulgaria), European Wilderness Society (Austria)
Total project budget: 44.127,00
START contribution amount: 38.000,00 (86,12%)


Project Description:

The project framework is based on the existing Authentic Bulgaria Quality Mark which supports smaller tourism service providers develop better tourism products and attract high‐value sustainability‐sensitive customers. Key issues are related to strengthening the competitiveness of micro, small and medium tourism service providers by enhancing their access to global markets with the help of a certification scheme.
The pilot project will focus on the development and testing of a certification scheme for small hospitality sector representatives and for wineries with capacity to host visitors. It will undertake research and use customer feedback to educate members on new trends in tourism development and will help establish a network of certified partners to raise awareness of the Authentic Danube Quality Mark across the region and amongst selected international markets.


Expected results of the START project activities:

On the one hand, the project is expected to bring about induced cooperation between stakeholders which, in turn, is bound to improve professionalism towards consistently delivering the best to visitors. The improved quality of service will result in enhanced experiences and greater satisfaction.
In the meantime, this pilot phase will strengthen cooperation between partners from the Middle and Lower Danube and the upper stream of the river, which will inevitably play a crucial role in balancing the overall tourism development on a region‐wide level.


Full list of projects submitted for the 1st START Call – EUSDR Priority Area 3

Project title in English Acronym Lead Partner – Name of org. (en) Country
1. Preparation of Infrastructure Development Measures for Sustainable Tourism Based on the Danube and its Branches in the Austrian-Hungarian-Slovakian Border Region Danube InfraPrep “Szigetköz – Upper-Danube” Regional Development Council Hungary
2. Preservation of heritage assets along the rivers of Danube Region WATERFRONT University of Ljubljana Slovenia
3. Introducing EU Standards into Youth Tourism in the Danube Region DanEUbe Association Evropski omladinski centar Serbia
4. The Danube Route By Bike DRB ROI Association Romania
5. Danube Generation Guides Danube Generation Guides Federal State of Lower Austria, Provincial Government Austria
6. CHILD AND YOUTH TRAVEL DESTINATIONS IN THE DANUBE REGION: ROMANIA CLARITY Association CED Romania – the Center for Excellence through Diversity Romania
7. United Libraries Share Common European Heritage ULSCEH “Lyuben Karavelov” Ruse Regional Library Bulgaria
8. Promoting eco-tourism on bike in the Bulgarian and Romanian Danube regions PETBI NGO Novo badeste Bulgaria
9. PLEVEN-DOLJ TOURISTIC AREA PLEDO National Center for Information Service – Pleven Association Bulgaria
10. “Introduce Children with Our Tradition” ChildTradition The Association of Old Crafts of Vojvodina Serbia
11. Valorization and promotion of slow tourism product SLOW TOURISM BSC, Business support centre Ltd, Kranj Slovenia
12. EX TEMPORE 2015 – Modern art in the Danube Region – network building, discussion, exchange EX TEMPORAE International Summer College for Fine Arts Hortus Niger Austria
13. Socio-economic and cultural development of the Danube region by fostering a common cultural and historical heritage of the European citizens SEDOR Tourist Organisation of the Municipality of Irig Serbia
14. Economical inclusion by promotion of Eco touristic activities in Danube Delta area for young people EEADDC Emil Racovita 2000 Youth Association Vaslui Romania
15. Promotion tourism destinations in the Danube Region ProDaR Zala Wineroute Association Hungary
16. Tour de Banat TdB Association “Cluster BANAT ROUTE” Kovacica Serbia
17. Local COMmunities Organizing Tourism Initiatives with Validated Environmental Sustainability in Danubia LOCOMOTIVES DANUBIA Development agency of Tesanj municipality, TRA ltd Bosnia and Herzegovina
18. Borderless connections through art activities BCTAA Regional Development Agency of South Moravia Czech Republic
19. START for FESTival managers STARTFEST Association Cinema City Serbia
20. Promotion of sustainable tourism – Mura-Drava-Danube tours by bike-boat-bus BBB tours Danube Club – Silstra Bulgaria
21. Biodiversity Conservation and Tourist Valorization of Unprotected Areas in Danube CB Region BioConTour Regional Development Agency Panonreg LLC., Subotica Serbia
22. Development of sustainable tourism in rural area of Drava river basin DRATOUR Koprivnica Križevci County Croatia
23. Promotion of Celts settlements, culture and movements along the Danube PROCES YUGO CYCLING CAMPAIGN Serbia
24. Network of beautiful Danube villages DanVill Association of Municipalities and Towns of Slovenia Slovenia
25. Singing Swinging Danube SiSwiDanube Music Society “Musica Viva” Serbia
26. To improve the regional economic effects of Danube cruise tourism. DCT Danube Tourism Lower Austria ltd. Austria
27. Design and development of European cultural heritage rural areas territorial management models, approaches and networks to presentation and socialization of monuments of ancient Danube civilizations using the case of Bulgaria-Romania Danube North Thracian archaeological heritage CULTURURALnetworks Clio Fundation Bulgaria
28. Improving Language Awareness and Intercultural Skills through Performing Arts ILAISPA Euroinform Bulgaria
29. E-Network of the Danube Region Handicraft Centres E-Network Ribnica Handicraft Centre Slovenia
30. Mills changing people of Danube MCPD Youth Association Breza Croatia
31. DANUBE BOOKing CULTURE TOURISM DanubeCult Foundation of the National Library of Serbia Serbia
32. Book – the heart of the local community and Europe BookNet Inter-municipal public library alec Slovenia
33. Danube Region Network for Civil, Tourism and Culture Programs and Initiatives CTCND Pro Progressione Nonprfit Ltd Hungary
34. Design project proposal for Connecting tourism potentials of the Sava river basin’s and other Areas of the Danube Region in the Regional tourist destination of the Danube (Danube RDO) Danube RDO Posavje Regional Development Agency Slovenia
35. Greening the Danube GreDa Environmental ambassadors for sustainable development Serbia
36. “4 Regions – One Goal” – Towards Sustainable Managament of Tourist Destinations in Danube Region 4 Regions – One Goal Camping Association of Serbia Serbia
37. DANUBE TV: Cross boarder media cooperation DANUBE TV Euranet Foundation Germany
38. European “Culture and Innovation” network along the Danube river axis CITSsrc~ C&I Twin-Spin ALLIANCE FOR ENVIRONMENT (AfE) – NGO in public interest Bulgaria
39. Thematic Routes of Industrial Heritage Sites Routind Bakony and Balaton Regional Tourism Nonprofit Ltd. Hungary
40. Action Plan for building pilot greenways in the Danube Region GreenActionDanube Association for the development of Social&Wellness Tourism Romania
41. Hej! – Youthful Tourist Mobile Application Hej! Grudnis Slovenia
42. The Danube Landscapes Governance Network LandscapeGov Association for the development of Social&Wellness Tourism Romania
43. Preservation and dissemination of the cultural and art heritage PreCulture Local and Regional Monitoring Institute (LRMI) Hungary
44. 7ds system 7ds Big Little Man Croatia
46. Literaturehouse Europe ELit NÖ Festival und Kino GmbH Austria
47. Palm Brand on Danube – to qualify Danube waterway stops by ‘Palm Brand’ criteria to improve the infrastructure for tourism PBonD Hungarian Canoe Federation Hungary
48. Promotion and branding the Danube Region as an important European tourist destination through establishment and activities of regional Centre for Experimental Research in Tourism (CERT) CERT University of Maribor Slovenia
49. Raising Regional Capacities for Sustainable Local Tourism in Danube Region RARE Danube Association of Municipalities and Cities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
50. 4destinations one Tourism 4Tour Ecofocus, creative association Slovenia
51. Danube Urban Brand regional network building through tourism and education to strengthen the Danube” cultural identity and solidarity DANUrB Foundation for Urban Design Hungary
52. “Danube Without Borders – Connecting the Danube Region” DWB Steps Forward Turnu-Severin Romania
53. Creative Art PartnershipS CAPS Creative center Vigvam Serbia
54. Lower Danube greenways governance Danube GreenGov Association for the development of Social&Wellness Tourism Romania
55. Cycling without borders with integrating of railway Bike express Scientific Reserch centre Bistra Ptuj Slovenia
56. DANUBE START FOR DANUBE CULTURE DSDC Entrepreneurship Development Centre of Erdut Municipality Croatia
58. Sustainable village and ecological development centre Wet Creek SustEcoWetCreek Cooperative Mokri Potok, ecology and sustainable development Slovenia
59. Establishment of a Cross-border Network for the Development of an Accessible Slovenian-Croatian Tourist Destinantion AccessibleDanube Development agency Sotla Slovenia
60. Danube Region Living History Route historic happenings in the revitalized fortress of Slavonski Brod and ethno village Kotromanovicevo DRLHR Tourist Board of the City of Slavonski Brod Croatia
61. START Connecting multimodality and regional development: Sava River cycling route SavaMultiNET Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia Slovenia
62. Danube destination development DDD Association of Croatian Travel Agencies Croatia
64. Culture, nature and advanture in 3 countries 1 Nature park – Goričko- Raab-Őrség 3 NCA PARK Public institute Goričko Nature Park Slovenia
65. Heritage Aware Communities in the Danube Region HAC Hungarian National Association of Local Authorities Hungary
66. Integration and promotion of local products at tradesmen fairs Going local on fairs Development Centre Murska Sobota Slovenia
67. Albergo Diffuso in Croatia and Slovenia ADICS City of Vodnjan – Dignano Croatia
68. Rediscovering the Danube flavour RTDF Kulturis Association Serbia
69. Danube Theatre Art Dialogue I DTAD I “Sava Ognyanov” Drama Theatre Bulgaria
70. START – Danube Heritage Stays Young START – DAHSY E-Institute, Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions Slovenia
71. Promotion of tourism in wine areas in Danube region VIP-LOK ROD, Agency for Development Slovenia
72. The Danube Limes – Cultural and touristic cooperation along the River Danube TDL Hungarian Limes Association Hungary
73. Watermills – our past and common future WATERMILLS Development Agency of Prlekija Slovenia
74. Waterway development in the Pannon Central Danube region PaCe-D Waterway Local Government of Baja Hungary
75. Rural Tourism and Cultural History Network in Danube Region RuTo&CuHi-Net Slovak university of Agriculture in Nitra Slovakia
76. Pre-phase: prefacing three international watersport events in the Danube region eventDR Hungarian Canoe Federation Hungary
77. Green Exchange in Tourism of Danube Region GREET Danube Ecosystem Europe Bulgaria
78. Concept of sustainable tourism development in the region of Kravany nad Dunajom a Lábatlan Sustainable tourism development – Kravany, Lábatlan Municipality of Kravany nad Dunajom Slovakia
79. Terminal Danubius: Art festivals for an active involvement of local areas Terminal Danubius Ars Ramov Institute for Art, Marketing, Promotion, and Investment, Ljubljana Slovenia
80. Kick-start the Travelling Vukovar Film Festival (Danube Region Film Festival) – Promotion of the Danube Region film production Travelling Danube Films DISCOVERY d.o.o. Croatia
81. Reconstruction of the border (limes) of the Roman Empire within the Danube region LIMREC Municipality of Komárom-Esztergom Country Town Hungary
82. NGOs in InterCultural Communication NGOs in ICC Parallel – Silistra Bulgaria
83. Support green ways, cycle and motorcycle tourism in rural areas among Danube River DANUBIKE SUMMIT Romania
84. Promoting and connecting civic infrastrures for contemporary culture. PROCC A4 – Associations for Contemporary Culture Slovakia
85. Strenghtening the connectivity of people through identifying and promoting specific cultural manifestations of the Danube Region DR.Culture Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis, University of Nis Serbia
86. Palm Brand on Danube – to qualify Danube waterway stops by ‘Palm Brand’ criteria to improve the infrastructure for tourism PBonD Hungarian Canoe Federation Hungary
88. Performing, Learning and Integrating of New Generations PLAYING DIS Youth theater Bosnia and Herzegovina
89. Alternative Sports – a Tool for Sustainable Regional Tourism in Poor Areas n.a. Wild Fun Club Bulgaria
90. Tourist Destination Danube – Ipel – Carpathians TDDIK Association for promoting tourism in Novohrad (acronym: ZPT) Slovakia
91. Integration of Roma Art and Artists into the European Cultural Heritage by building a Cultural Heritage Site. ROMART Work-shop Association Hungary
92. Flow of Literature and Ideas along the Danube Translation, Criticism, Poetry FOLIA Danube Literary Association Literatura Slovenia
93. Wine Cellars an Ancient Layer of Our Common Heritage ComHere Academia Istropolitana Nova Slovakia
94. Middle and Lower Danube Cycling Routes Danube Cycling Danube Competence Center Serbia
96. Common use of the area for ecotourism purposes Common ecotourism use of the area Regional Develpoment Agency Middle part of Ipel Slovakia
98. Catalysing ICT Based Innovation in Tourism CATBIT Interregion Forum Association Hungary
99. Float down the Danube by your knowledge FLOWNBYU Euroregion of Danubian Initative, association of legal persons (EDI) Slovakia
100. Language as Homeland (Meetings of Croatian writers of Central Europe) LAH Branch of Matrix Croatica in Varadin Croatia
101. Senta Battle – thematic turistic road SBttR Senta Municipality Serbia
102. Summer at the Pannonian Sea S@S The City of Zrenjanin, Serbia Serbia
103. Tourist Route from Craiova-Vidin-Knjazevac – The route of food and Wine TRCVKTRFW European Development – Vidin Bulgaria
104. Elaboration of the model and implementation of a pilot action of the Danube heritage camp programme for craftsmen and the youth HeritageCamp Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management Hungary
105. The Danube Village TDV Bistrica ob Sotli Youth Associtation Slovenia
106. Active parks of Danube Region – Yoga parks YP Yoga Federation of Europe Czech Republic
107. Educational nature trails along waterways Educational nature trails Region HANA Czech Republic
108. Project: archaeological heritage PRAH Skupina STIK, Research Institute of the Past-to-Present Linkage Slovenia
109. Zakarpattya & Tokaj & Miskolc Tourism Renaissance – historic wine regions grow together again WINE-MI-TO-BE MIDMAR Miskolc Tourism Marketing Nonprofit Public Limited Liability Company Hungary
110. Initiative for Platform for Contemporary Art and Theory iPCAAT KURS Serbia
111. Traditional Crafts Tourism Trail of Danube Region CrafTour e-code Slovakia
112. Syrmia Wine Route- Improvement of the Rural Tourism in the Danube Region Syrmia Fruskogorski cluster of winegrowers and winemakers “Alma Mons” Sremski Karlovci Serbia
113. New Markets – New Opportunities for the Danube Region New Markets for the Danube Marketing Association Danube Upper Austria Austria
114. Focusing on tourism trends to improve tourist offer within Slovenian and Serbian regions Trail trends Development agency Savinja Slovenia
115. Initiatory activities for elaborating the EUSDR project “Danube Platform on Intercultural Dialgue” n.a. General Secretariat of the Government of Romania Romania
116. A new tourism offer connect a region Magic Danube Trail Magic Danube Trail Foundation for ecological actions/Green Limes Serbia
117. Towards the implementation of DATOURWAY Strategy DATOURWAY – Black to Black Lechner Lajos Knowledge Center Nonprofit Ltd. – LLKC Hungary
118. Cycle Byway on Danube Highway BEYOND Mountaineering-Skiing Society “Strazilovo” Serbia
119. Mobile 4 LocAl Food, Sustainable GrOwth And TouRism FLAvOR Faculty of information studies Novo mesto Slovenia
120. Alpe Adria Danube TV AAD TV Television Slovenj Gradec l.l.c. Slovenia
121. Danube Opportunities on Organic Farms DOOF Eco Ruralis – In support of organic and traditional farmers Romania
122. Design of optimized touristic and hospitality facilities of wood and glass Wood-Glass-Tour Arbeko, design & construction of ecological houses, d.o.o. Slovenia
123. Reform Age 2.0 in the Danube Region Reform Age 2.0 Foundation for the Alföld Civilians Hungary
124. Identification and preservation of authentic cultural values in the Dannube Strategy Region AUTHENTIKEA Association of Folk Arts of Duna-Tisza köze Hungary
125. Hand in hand toursm with local people HALOpe Institute for Culture, tourism and sport Slovenia
126. Cross-Cultural Curating CCC SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts – Ljubljana Slovenia
127. Stakeholder discussions along the Danube D-Stake Szó-Tér Association Hungary
128. Terra Parzival Action Plan for Regional Development in Danube Region 2020 Terra Parzival AP for Regional Development GANDIN FOUNDATION Slovenia
129. Exceptional Unity EU University of Primorska, Science and Research Center Slovenia
130. Danube Youth Path DYP Vojvodina Environmental Movement Serbia
131. The Inspired Danube – Network for the Literary Future of the Danube Region ID-NET Paraliterary Association I.D.I.O.T. Slovenia
132. Danube Region Cultural News DRCCN Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory Slovenia
133. Authentic Danube – delivering tourism excellence for visitors and industry AUTHENTIC DANUBE Authentic Bulgaria Association Bulgaria
134. Multilingual Theatre Performances Strengthening Cultural Cooperation and Promoting Tolerance in the Danube Region BABEL Travelling Theatre Serbia
135. Knowledge transfer in the field of rural tourism in the Danube Region DaKNOWbe Southern Great Plain Regional Tourism Association Hungary
136. Danube wine way n.a. Danube wines Bulgaria
137. EU XXL Danube Movie Theatres Network EUXXL – DanMTN EU-XXL – Cultural Society to Promote the European Integration Austria
138. Meeting point of culture, tourism and economy CTE Open university Subotica Serbia
139. Danube Region Network of World Heritage Sites DRNet-WHS Austrian Institute of Historical Research Austria
140. Connecting Danube region for growth of Meetings industry DANUBE4MEETIND SLOVENIAN CONVENTION BUREAU Slovenia
141. YUGO – your best daily event YUGO kofein dizajn Slovenia
142. START the Danube journey with the culture START the Danube Centre for the healthy lifestyle promotion-Centre E8 Serbia
143. Eco-triangle along the Danube Ecotriangle Vagabond “Friends of Nature” Association Hungary
144. Cycling without borders with integrating of railway Bike express Scientific Reserch centre Bistra Ptuj Slovenia
145. “Prolonged, Sustainable, Protected – Developing sustainable tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia PSP – Developing sustainable tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia Kronauer Consulting Bosnia and Herzegovina
146. Handicraft in promotion of culture and tourism offer of Niksic, Nis and Trebinje HANDS & TOs Tourism organization of Niksic Montenegro
147. Cross Border Destination Management Organization Danube DMO Danube The Regional Development Agency Backa Serbia
148. Start-up of Forest Medical Wellness Programmes through Regional Health Tourism Networking FORTUNE (FORest ToUrism NEtwork) Medical SPA Association of Serbia Serbia
149. Archaeological Heritage as Means of Regional Communication: Evaluating Archaeological Sites in the Middle Danube Basin Region Middle Danube Basin Archaeological Heritage Initiative BLOCKFREI Austria
150. Prut & Danube Floodplains Crossroads Ecotourism Centers ECOTWIN Association “Resources Center for Development 2020” Romania
151. Danube Digital Culture DDC Weekenders Association Eco Nest-IN Serbia
152. International Danube Jazz Forum Ruse 2015 IDJF Kamerton Ruse Bulgaria
154. Professional Standards for Tourist Guides Along the Danube Danube Guiding World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) Austria
155. Affirmation of the best sailing course (from Zemun, Serbia to Orsova, Romania) in Europe among sailing community in the sailin countries BRSC UKT MARKETING CONSULTING Serbia


Selected projects under Technical Assistance Facility for Danube Region Projects

– EUSDR Priority Area 3


TAF-DRP 3rd Call (2015)


Lead Partner:ECOFOCUS, creative association (Slovenia)

2. Rehabilitation and Exploitation Framework of Natural Area Danube-Belin Island – Pavel Arm, Seaca Commune, Teleorman County (REFNAD)

Lead Partner:Teleorman County Council (Romania)

3. Danube nautical tourism excellence – Improve nautical tourism on Danube through planning and networking (DANTE)

Lead Partner:Regional Development Agency ” Branicevo-Podunavlje” Ltd. (Serbia)

4. Yu Go Danube

Lead Partner:KOFEIN DIZAJN d.o.o. (Slovenia)


TAF-DRP 2nd Call (2014)

AUTHENTIC DANUBE – Positioning the Danube region as a tourism destination with a rich portfolio of high-quality authentic experiences

Lead Partner: Authentic Bulgaria Association (Bulgaria)

Project description: Establishing a financially viable regional structure to manage the Authentic Danube Quality Mark; Establishing a network of certified partners to raise awareness of the Authentic Danube Quality Mark within the country and amongst selected international markets; Developing and implement a quality assessment scheme for accommodation and other tourism providers through the Quality Mark; Improving business opportunities for members through the assessment programme, its continuous improvement focus, education, training and consulting services


TAF-DRP 1st Call (2013)

Danube Culture Dialogue

Lead Partner: Kollegium Hungaricum – Danube Cultural Cluster – Verein für die engere kulturelle Zusammenarbeit der Donauländer

Project description: In a public interest this project aims at developing a new structure of cooperation. Our idea is to create a platform for culture consisting of (public) funding organisations responsible for strategic cultural planning in a permanent dialogue with the cultural scene – artists, cultural managers, project owners and their NGOs. Activities cover joint cultural planning, alignment of policies, development of a culture platform and a small project fund, promotion.